1h 30min
(2-11 years): 12€

The magical bay of Roses has been considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world by UNESCO since 2011. To the north, we find the Cap de Creus nature park and to the south the Medes Islands-Montgrí Massif-Baix Ter nature park. With a 15-km long mouth (from Roses to the Medes Islands), reaching 7 km inland and 70 m deep, the bay has tranquil waters; perfect for ships looking to shelter from storms. Its crystal-clear waters have a great variety of flora with dark areas, typical of Posidonia seagrass meadows, and light areas, where one can observe part of the marine fauna.

Throughout the excursion, we can enjoy the magnificent views of the entire bay of Roses, from different vantage points.

Route, departure and timetable



Month Days Timetable
March 20-31 12h
April 1-30 12h
May 1-31 12h
June 1-30 12h
July 1-31 12h - 19h
August 1-31 12h - 19h
September 1-15 12h - 19h
16-30 12h
October 1-31 -
November 1-30 -


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