(2-11 years): 8€

Panoramic view of the Bay of Roses and of the points of interest in Roses from the peak of Puig Rom, the highest point of the village.

During the trip up to the top of Puig Rom mountain, we will find points of interest such as the fishing port, the leisure marina, and Trinity castle. From the top we can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Bay of Roses, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, an honour endorsed by UNESCO, the Pyrenees and the Ampurdan plain. From the viewpoint, we can also see the four nature parks (Cap de Creus, Medes Islands-Montgrí-Baix Ter, Albera and Aiguamolls (marshlands) in the Ampurdan region). The sunsets are very romantic!

On the return journey we will find important points of interest, such as the Creu d’en Cobertella dolmen, which is over 3,000 years old and is considered the largest megalithic dolmen in Catalonia, or the Citadel of Roses fortification.

Route, departure and timetable

Puig Rom


Month Days Timetable
March 20-31 17h
April 1-30 17h
May 1-31 17h
June 1-30 17h - 18h
July 1-14 17h - 18h
15-31 17h - 18h - 20h
August 1-31 17h - 18h - 20h
September 1-20 17h - 18h
21-30 17h
October 1-31 17h
November 1-30 16h


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