(2-11 years): 7€

Pure nature. After passing Punta Falconera we climb among vineyards and rocky coastlines to the highest accessible point of Roses, Puig Alt, to peacefully enjoy magnificent 360º views of the Catalan and French coasts.

To the east we see how the Pyrenees enter the Mediterranean, separating France from Spain with a rocky peninsula that ends with the Cap de Creus to the north. To the south, we find the Medes Islands and the Montgrí Massif. And to the west, we see how the Pyrenees, behind Canigó mountain, observe the  Ampurdan plain at their feet.

The stunning and varied views create a special place, with rocky formations of great geological and botanical wealth. Next to the enormity of the sea, these make the bay unique and will take our breath away.

Route, departure and timetable

Puig Rom


Month Days Timetable
April 1-30 17h
May 1-31 17h
June 1-30 17h
July 1-31 17h - 19h
August 1-31 17h - 19h
September 1-30 17h
October 1-31 17h


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