About us

TREN TURÍSTICO CULTURAL ROSES EXPRES S.L was founded in 1993 to transport passengers around the Cap de Creus Nature Park.

Design and manufacturing of the train began the year before at Planchistería Sañe, a company based in Vic, although it was not until 1993 that the homologation and registration of such an unusual and robust vehicle was obtained.


So, we set the Roses train in motion and have not stopped since.


Our aim has always been to show the ecotourism potential of Roses, so that all tourists who come to enjoy the sun and sand can discover the marvellous, wild nature hidden behind the fun and festivities that accompany the good weather.


Rocky mountains and majestic cliffs; green meadows, the refuge of migrating birds; and a wealth of native fauna form the Cap de Creus Nature Park in the Ampurdán region, the surprising richness of the scenic ecosystem that surrounds Roses.


The combination of vineyards on the seashore and the Mediterranean olive trees reflected in the crystal-clear waters that bathe the Bay of Roses, create a unique and exceptional landscape, endorsed by the UNESCO as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.


Culture is part of the ancient history of the Costa Brava, such as its castles, prehistoric dolmens and menhirs, the Citadel fortress; and also of modern history with its post-Spanish Civil War bunkers and watchtowers.


Over these 25 years, with thousands of passengers in our wagons and a strong desire to succeed, we have made Tren Turístico Cultural Roses Exprés SL. a great company of reference in the tourist sector of Roses, and a high quality, eco-tourism attraction.


We offer five different trips to show everything Roses has to offer; trips that our entire team will be delighted to help you choose and enjoy.


It is our greatest satisfaction to see our passengers’ smile as they get off the train at the end of the trip, although some may be a little dusty as adventure always leaves a mark!


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